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Elite Destination Homes are just that: elite homes in extraordinary locations around the world. Under our fractional ownership model (also known as “shared ownership”) buyers enjoy all of the benefits of owning a beautiful vacation home at the fraction of the total cost without any of the management responsibilities.

Fractional Home Ownership with Elite

Elite Destination Homes has over 10 years of sophisticated experience bringing liked-minded people together to own a home in a destination they love.

You can choose from our available fractional ownership homes, or fractionalize your vacation home to be part of the Elite Destination Homes collection.

Fractional ownership benefits include:

Easy Travel. Your Elite Concierge will not only schedule your reservation, but also arrange your transportation, provide a pre-grocery shopping, make restaurant reservations, arrange tee-times and excursions, hire baby-sitters and much more.
Professional care of your home and the Partnership. Your shared ownership home is administered under the reputable Elite Management Flag with all aspects of property and partnership management taken care of on behalf of the Owners.
Free Home Exchange. You have the privilege of exchanging time at your Elite home with another fractional owner to spend time at their vacation home. Elite’s dedicated Owner Concierge handles the trade and makes all the arrangements free of charge.

Elite Destination Homes is a division of Real Estate Equities which has over 40 years of committed teamwork caring for and optimizing the value of investment real estate.

The Elite Model

The Elite Model enables buyers and those they love most to vacation in an extraordinary home that they actually own – a place to relax, reconnect, and build equity and memories alike.

From our first conversation forward, we create a comfortable collaborative environment intent on pairing owners and homes on a like-minded basis. Together we will explore what you are looking for in your fractional ownership – your dream destinations, budget, costs, and service expectations – and help you find the perfect property for you to choose as your vacation home.

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