• Vacation Rental¬†Management For Luxury Homes

    Many vacation homeowners are intrigued by the prospect of entering the world of luxury vacation rental property management. The idea of developing a new revenue stream and offsetting mortgage and home maintenance costs is quite attractive. On the other hand, the thought of entering the complex and demanding vacation rental business can be overwhelming. That's where Elite's vacation rental management program comes in. We are one of the most attentive vacation rental property management companies and manage each house as if it were our own.  We make it easy for owners by being their single point of contact for comprehensive vacation rental sales and marketing management services. Learn more about our vacation rental management services today and see what sets us apart from other luxury property management companies.


    Choosing a Luxury Vacation Rental

    Seeking the perfect get-a-way? Consider Elite's luxury vacation home rentals. We have an amazing collection of stunning properties in the world's most sought after destinations. Elite's luxury vacation rentals enable friends and family to celebrate life in a home away from home, rather than in a hotel room. To make your vacation the best that it can be, our concierge service caters to your every need, providing recommendations on "can't miss" dining and local activities for an authentic experience. What are you waiting for? IT's time to plan your next great adventure in a luxury vacation rental by Elite.


  • The Benefits of Fractional Ownership

    Becoming a part of somewhere you love is an experience like few others. It's easy, too, with fractional ownership through Elite. Elite outshines other vacation rental management companies by offering a fractional ownership model that is better than sole ownership and traditional fractional ownership because it buys you more of what you desire - and less of what you don't. You'll enjoy the pride that comes with owning in a place you love, without any of the headaches that come with managing a home day to day. You'll also have the opportunity to exchange a stay in other homes within Elite's portfolio. There's no time like the present. Feel at home around the world with fractional ownership through Elite Destination Homes.